Tandem Flights  
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A Tandem is a flight with an instructor and a passenger flying as a team under the same wing - twice as large as a solo wing.

Where? Tandem flights take place year round. During the spring and summer months it's possible to experience a tandem flight almost daily, in Netanya on the coast.

On weekends, a mountain tandem flight is possible from Mevo Hama or Katef Shaul (Gilboa).

An Unforgettable Gift - A tandem flight can make a an original and exciting gift that is not quickly forgotten.

Who can do it? Flying tandem passenger as a passenger is suitable for ages 7-80 and weight of 20-120 Kg. In other words, see yourself invited.

Love from first flight? You will not be the first. We have good news from you. If you sign up for the basic course within two weeks of your tandem flight, the tandem is on us!

How much does it cost? The cost of a tandem flight is 350 NIS (~75 USD).

You can pay cash or by check.

How do I book a tandem? To reserve the most convenient time for you, you can either call:

  0544-831133 or Email.